Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campus Information

1. School closed for regular operation until April 3.  Classes will resume April 6 unless otherwise directed. 
2. Academic packets will be ready for pick-up by Monday, March 30 from 8-5.  The bus lane will be available for drive-by pick-up.  No one will be allowed into the school. 
3. The cafeteria will be offering both breakfast and lunch (8am-11am) for students under 19 years old.  The bus lane will be open for drive-by pick-up.  The children must be in the vehicle to receive meal.  Again, no one is allowed in the school building. 
I will be keeping all staff updated, so if you have any questions, please call the office at 956-289-2366.  We will have only one person manning the phones.  Again you may visit for the latest updates. 
Thank You